Game Boy to be Soon Turned Into Ethereum and Bitcoin Wallet 

90’s feeling is the most caved feeling in the 2000s decade and how can somebody forget the Nintendo Game Boy? Keyp, a small crypto startup is trying to revamp and optimize the Nintendo Game Boy consoles to offline crypto wallets. The group of developers is trying hard to convert the gaming console to crypto hardware wallets called the Game Wallet.  

What’s with the new Game Boy?

The developers have made sure that the Game wallet is not just another gimmick but a real thing. It is a brand new cartridge of the Game Boy that will be using gamification to generate users’ seed phrases via interactions with non-playable characters and random quests. 

Once it has been developed the wallet will be able to store all cryptocurrencies that use BIP-3 seed phrases. That will allow the wallets to store coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The software aims to be open source and will allow implementations from anybody. 

Keyp’s Vision with Game Boy

Joseph Schiarizzi, founder of Keyp, while talking to a media house about the wallet, said that the experience will be ”Pokemon-like”.  

The founder extends his views by saying that Keyp wants to make Web3 accessible and safe for everyone using tools such as social logins and extra security layers for wallets. The Game wallet is just a fun extension of that aim, said Joseph. 

The nine-person team of Keyp has been developing the wallet since January. The team has recognized the need for offline storage after the recent controversy surrounding Ledger’s new “recovery” has come up. The Game Wallet is marketing itself as offline storage with no firmware updates ever.  

Sascha Mombartz, co-founder of Keyp mentioned on a Game Wallet product page that with the drama around the Ledger wallet update they’ve realized the need for offline storage that the users can trust. 

Mombartz added that it started as a fun idea but it seems like a really important product now. Mombartz said that it is not easy to trust a new security device with a supply chain since people don’t have any idea who has tampered with it but to know where your Game Boy has been on the shelf for the last 20 years is easy.

Joseph told a media house that there is no official release date for Game Wallet but they’re planning to open pre-orders and for a summer rollout given there are no hurdles. 

This is not the first instance where crypto enthusiasts have tried to change the Game Boy to a crypto device. The gaming console was turned into a Bitcoin mining machine a few years ago by a pseudonymous IT security researcher. A very slow one though. 

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