GALA To Go Against Coinbase After PEPE Community?

GALA News: GALA, the core utility token for Gala Games will soon be witnessing a major contract upgrade. As per than details, a new GALA V2 token will be issued 1:1 for all $GALA holders over a majority of the exchanges. However, Coinbase, the U.S. biggest crypto exchange has decided not to support the airdrop.

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GALA Hopeful That Coinbase Will Comply

Jason Brink, President of Blockchain at GALA brought up the Coinbase issue. He stated that after checking and talking with several exchanges it looks like everyone who contacted them or get back to them with queries has committed to supporting the $GALA V2 upgrade. Meanwhile, this list doesn’t hold Coinbase’s name.

He added that $GALA cannot make announcements for the exchanges but still, they are adding their names to the tally. Brink mentioned that Coinbase will not be supporting the upgrade. However, hopeful believes that they change their mind in time.

In order to safeguard $GALA holders, he suggested that for Coinbase users who want to stay within the ecosystem, the Coinbase wallet is a good solution. $GALA Blockchain president added that he will be making an official announcement later in the day. However, it looks like Block #17267620 will be used for the snapshot.

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Earlier, Coingape reported that Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange decided to jump in to support the GALA contract swap. Binance has decide to back the contract swap on the Ethereum (ERC20) network.

This comes in when Coinbase is receiving backlash over its recent comments over the new sensation in the meme coin category, PEPE.