Ethereum, Monero, & Big Eyes Coin Set to Break Free

The crypto market seems to have awoken from a slumber, with several cryptocurrencies aiming to make spontaneous gains. Take Ethereum and Monero for instance, both of which are showing signs of overcoming crucial levels.

Meanwhile, the brand new memecoin Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is aiming for the Moon and beyond, launching on June 15th. They do have one last trick up their sleeves: keep reading to unlock the secrets!

Big Eyes Coin

Will Ethereum Breakout?


Data aggregator Santiment tweeted on Friday about the transfer of Ethereum (ETH) to exchanges having reached an eight-month high. Santiment’s analysts pointed out that the situation was similar to that after the FTX collapse: a phase of increased volatility. In another tweet, the aggregator also stated that Ether showed signs of decoupling from Bitcoin, indicating a potential breakout above the $2000 mark.

Monero Hints at Rise

Chart trends for Monero (XMR) shows the AltCoin trying to break out from a consolidation phase, by overcoming the neckline from a symmetrical triangle pattern. If bulls are able to cross the $160 mark, momentum can increase. The coin’s records show that buyers have been able to retain this momentum, remaining stable around the $150 mark. Moreover, parameters indicate strong buyer accumulation, and with a 5% increase through the last two trading sessions, the coin seems to be on its way to make it past the $170 mark.

Big Eyes Coin: The Cat Is Out of the Bag

Meanwhile, a brand new DeFi memecoin is looking to step into the market and take over. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has created quite the buzz only in presales, with a presale that even broke Ethereum’s record and now collected $35.88 Million. And now all eyes are on the BIG launch: June 15th! They do have one last chance to win exciting rewards though: more on that in some time.

Big Eyes has brought together a welcoming, passionate community, as can be seen on their Twitter handle that’s always booming with activity and a Telegram group that has over 26000 members. Even the team behind the memecoin has made it clear that it wants to make a difference: 5% of the total supply goes to a charity wallet that supports ocean sanctuaries.

Big Eyes Coin

There’s a lot in store for the members of the Big Eyes Investor community itself. BIG transactions are exempt from buying, selling and trading fees. The initial supply, to be released on launch, will be locked in a liquidity pool for 2 years, meaning the Big Team is ready for the increased demand for the token, which ALSO means there will definitely be a surge in the price. It can’t get any better can it?

Well it actually does. For less than a month’s time until the presale ends, on June 3rd, you win a bonus of up to 300% on purchase of BIG tokens or their Lootboxes. Simply use the code END300. And if you’re wondering what Lootboxes are, they’re a package you can buy and open to win rewards that are always equal to or more in worth than the Lootbox itself. A cryptocurrency with minimal risks and guaranteed returns? Now this is a chance you don’t want to miss!

Big Eyes Coin

While now seems to be a great time for the crypto market, with coins like Ethereum and Monero flourishing, it needs to be reiterated that gains made by each cryptocurrency need to be sustained over a period of time. This is only possible if the coin takes into account utility while also incentivizing investment in creative ways. Big Eyes Coin meets all these criteria, already having features that reward the community and having a roadmap that is filled with more such endeavors that would promote the expansion of the community. The feline memecoin is all set to be the next BIG thing in the market.

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