Coinbase Brought a National Crypto Campaign With Four Chapters

The crypto exchange platform, Coinbase, shared a tweet, aiming towards a “TV campaign happening this week in DC.” According to its tweet, the TV campaign will explain the importance of crypto as an important technology. America needs to update its financial system, the CEO of Coinbase Brian Armstrong, further added.

Coinbase’s National Campaign for Crypto

As the crypto exchange noted in its recent blog, its national campaign highlights crypto as a crucial technology. While it will also “modernize the global financial system.” According to the blog, China is “embracing and advancing its use of technology whether it is about digital assets or project power.” In the same way, the U.S. also needs to focus on building technologies that will be central to the world’s financial infrastructure.”

The national campaign will begin “with a series of four ads featuring Brian Armstrong.” These TV ads will air on popular “Sunday shows,” with a new chapter premiering every weekend. 

As the campaign will be a story in four chapters, the first chapter includes “the history of money initiative.” This educational program will showcase the history of money from “goats in 10,000 BC to crypto today.” Meanwhile, “Stand with crypto day,” will be the second chapter that builds on the success of previous initiatives. Some of them include Stand With Crypto and Crypto435.

In the third chapter, the crypto exchange will feature real examples of people using crypto to pursue economic freedom and other opportunities. The crypto exchange named it “Real people using crypto for real needs.” While, in the fourth and final chapter of its national campaign “Coinbase will host the State of Crypto Summit in New York City on June 22nd.” This will happen in collaboration with the Financial Times, as the crypto exchange added.

Brian Armstrong: “We Need an Update”

Brian Armstrong is bullish on crypto as he thinks it is the most important technology. He wants his country “isn’t left behind” in updating its financial system. He also suggested that America needs to update its financial system. While, the TV campaign that he shared about, will focus on the explanation of “crypto as a technology not as a financial product.”

In a recent YouTube video shared by the crypto exchange, Armstrong said “crypto is not a financial product. It’s a technology that can update all kinds of financial products. Such as quicker settlement times, instant global payments, and even new ways for artists and creators to get paid for their work.”

Armstrong further added, “this is something our entire economy stands to benefit from. It’s time to update the system.”

Notably, this national campaign by the crypto exchange was an outcome of a national survey conducted by the exchange in February this year. As per the survey, “one in five Americans own crypto and that of Americans want to update the system.”

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