Cardano and Avorak AI are two of the top searched altcoins in April

Cryptocurrencies have gained immense popularity since the inception of Bitcoin. Numerous altcoins have been steadily rising, with Cardano and Avorak AI being two of the most searched in April 2023. These two cryptocurrencies have garnered attention due to their unique features and promising potential. 

Avorak AI (AVRK): The top AI crypto

AI crypto has been referred to as the 2023 crypto trend, and several analysts believe that Avorak AI could lead the AI crypto bull run. The AI crypto project boasts affordability, ease of use, and a comprehensive set of first-to-market solutions and features that set it apart from other projects.

Avorak can streamline areas such as trading, data analysis, content creation, customer service, and security with its AI solutions. The Avorak Trade bot, for example, uses AI algorithms to generate indicators and predict future prices of various assets. The AI trading bot can automate trades on different exchanges and includes notification systems to alert traders in case of any changes. Users also get enhanced security of their API keys using Avorak’s AI and blockchain security capabilities.

The AVRK token is a tradeable representation of certain utilities within the Avorak ecosystem. AVRK offers access to the ecosystem’s AI services and guarantees its holders a share of Avorak’s profits. AVRK has witnessed a 250% increase from its initial price, and its launch price moved from $0.27 to $1. The token is selling at $0.210 in phase 5 of Avorak’s initial coin offering (ICO), with investors getting certain benefits, such as the current 6% on-top bonus. The ICO’s continuously expanding global investor base hints at the project’s growth potential.

Cardano news

Cardano(ADA) has been making waves in the cryptocurrency industry with its rapidly expanding ecosystem. Dead Pxlz, a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collectibles and gaming protocol on the Cardano blockchain, recently partnered with Paima Engine to develop its flagship game. This shows the increased complementing efforts of protocols and developers within Cardano toward creating a powerful and dynamic blockchain.

Cardano price prediction

Despite fluctuations in its price, Cardano has experienced a surge in transaction volume. The spike in large transactions suggests that institutional players and whales are making their moves, and network activity is heating up. Cardano (ADA) also displayed green signals at a time when many other altcoins registered a decline all over the market. Cardano has established itself as a top project for developer activity, and many analysts suggest that as it continues to innovate and attract new users to its ecosystem, its price might witness a significant increase.


The increased attention towards Cardano (ADA) and Avorak AI (AVRK) is a testament to the growing interest in their advantages and their potential to offer significant returns to investors. It will be exciting to see how these and other altcoins fare in the long run.

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