Buy The Dip? Tradecurve Price Set to Surge 80x

After several price dips since the start of April, investors are wondering if XRP is still worth the investment. Although it’s popular, XRP is also extremely risky and could crash should its case against the SEC go against the project. 

That being said, crypto whales are buying the dip with hopes of future surges. Meanwhile, crypto whales are also buying Tradecurve, a new hybrid exchange that combines crypto with traditional assets that’s expected to surge 80% in May. 

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XRP Hits $0.47 In May

XRP has started to recover in the past week with a price increase of 7.92%. Trading is also on the rise, with XRP’s daily trading volume hitting $1.5 billion on the 18th. However, while XRP is on the rise, its current price is still 5.82% lower than one month prior. Therefore, some analysts believe that XRP could dip again before we see a full recovery. 

In the last week, XRP increased in price to $0.4704 before dipping slightly to its current price of $0.4622. Despite this dip, XRP has increased in price by 3.73% in the last 24 hours and is expected to hit $0.47 before the end of May. 

As of May 2023, the XRP vs SEC case is yet to be completed, though it has huge implications for the wider cryptocurrency industry. Should XRP win the case, cryptocurrency is less likely to be impacted by regulation. However, should XRP lose, the wider crypto market could be regulated in just a few years. Due to this uncertainty, many investors are now choosing to move their XRP holdings out of the US to avoid regulation in the future. 

Why Are Crypto Whales Buying Tradecurve?

Despite only being in the second stage of its presale, crypto whales are already buying Tradecurve tokens. Tradecurve is a new hybrid exchange that lets investors buy a combination of traditional and cryptocurrency assets anonymously. The platform is fully decentralized and gives investors full control of their assets instead of holding them like many traditional exchanges. 

With Tradecurve, investors can buy everything from stocks and CFDs to forex and cryptocurrency without needing to use fiat. To use Tradecurve, investors are never required to pass KYC checks or provide personal information. To buy assets, they can simply connect, purchase and disconnect with ease. 

As well as making decentralized trading easy, Tradecurve looks to educate the next generation of traders with three lucrative trading tools. These include:

Tradecurve Academy: A metaverse academy where new investors can learn the basics of trading via courses and live classes

AI Trading: A subscription program that helps investors build their portfolios using AI with a strong track record

Copy Trading: An alternative subscription service where investors can copy trades made by some of the market’s most successful investors

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The TCRV Presale Is Selling Out Fast

After selling over 20 million TCRV tokens in the first 11 days of its presale, Tradecurve has quickly attracted the attention of some of the world’s top investors. Since its presale started, Tradecurve has increased in value by 20% and has quickly sold over 25% of its second stage supply. 

At just $0.012 per token, Tradecurve is expected to 50x during its presale and has already been compared to the Binance ICO, which started at just $0.11 per token. Upon launch, Tradecurve hopes to quickly become one of the world’s largest exchanges, outperforming competitors such as and Huobi. 

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