Avalanche Fuels Web3, Litecoin Enters Green Zone, and Big Eyes Coin Prepares for BIG Launch

May 20, 2023 16:57 IST

New Delhi [India], May 20 (ANI/ATK): As the cryptocurrency market recovers, big things are in store for the industry. To make cryptocurrency a mainstream adoption, many plans are being discussed, and many projects are underway to ensure that this can be a possibility.
One of the main factors that make crypto a mainstream addition is its relation to web3 and the future of technology. Many companies are heading into the web3 space, and many people understand the value of this kind of advancement.
One such company is Mastercard which has teamed up with Avalanche to fuel a web3 landscape that can usher in a new era of cryptocurrency acceptance. The benefits of this will have an incredible impact on users and the financial industry. In addition, Litecoin is slowly gaining momentum ahead of its regular halving event, and Big Eyes Coin is taking the final steps toward its much-awaited launch.

Avalanche: An Eruption into Web3
Partnerships with larger, mainstream entities are the first step toward a broader acceptance of cryptocurrency. Mastercard has ushered in a new era of partnership between crypto and fiat entities by involving Avalanche and a handful of other crypto projects in developing their “Crypto Credential” system.
This project will function as a first step in securing trust by trading and converting fiat and crypto assets. This new system will focus on authentication systems in identity, security, and identity management. Avalanche and other blockchains involved in this project will be essential in aiding Mastercard’s mission to enable cryptocurrency‘s mainstream acceptance.
Litecoin Ploughs Through Green

Litecoin is widely considered to be one of the first altcoins made from Bitcoin’s original coding. It was, in the beginning, a strong competitor to Bitcoin; however, as the market grew and more cryptos entered the market, Litecoin fell in rank but not value.
The coin is considered to be the “lite” version of Bitcoin and, as such, has many of its features. The coin experienced a high of almost $100 at the beginning of 2023, and although it is currently trading at $88, it is expected to rapidly grow in value in the coming months due to the halving.
Every four years, the coin undergoes a halving event that halves the rewards it gives miners. This event creates a scarcity of coins and therefore increases its value. Routinely, before Litecoin initiates its halving, the platform experiences an upturn in value, meaning that more people are investing in preparation. This is why Litecoin has been performing so well in recent weeks.
Big Eyes Coin: 30 Days, $38 Million

Big Eyes Coin is undoubtedly the one meme coin to watch out for this season, as it has constantly shown its might, even in presale. Many investors speculate that Big Eyes Coin will likely be larger than its competitors, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.
Since its presale launch, the community it has created has greatly profited from the platform and is excited about how it will perform in the larger market. Big Eyes Coin has already gathered over $35 million in the nine months since its presale began and has a little way to go before reaching its launch goal of $38 million.
One key aspect of Big Eyes Coin is its reward system. It allows users to purchase BIG tokens through loot boxes to win up to a million dollars in prizes. Users can access various boxes with investments ranging from $10 – $10 000 and come with a 300% bonus. These can be unlocked using the code END300.
The Big Eyes Coin presale ends on June 3rd. Now is the time to join the Big Eyes community and purchase what will be the most valuable coin on the market.

In conclusion, as we can observe from the efforts of Big Eyes Coin, Litecoin, and Avalanche, cryptocurrency is greatly evolving into an era where it will be more valuable than ever. Mainstream entities are taking advantage of the benefits of crypto and its connection with web3, the future of technology, to enhance their operations and help usher in a broader acceptance of cryptocurrency. As long as mainstream institutions want to be part of the web3 ecosystem, crypto will always have a place among them.
For More on Big Eyes Coin (BIG):
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