3 Reasons Why Tradecurve (TCRV) Will Become Bigger Than Coinbase


  • Tradecurve may surpass Coinbase
  • Tradecurve and Coinbase differences
  • TCRV presale and its growth potential

You have undoubtedly heard of Coinbase if you are a serious online trader, one of the world’s most well-known and significant cryptocurrency exchanges. However, one platform has the potential to overthrow Coinbase as one of the top trading platforms soon. That platform will be Tradecurve which is currently in its presale stage. Today, we will compare these two platforms and discover why Tradecurve may become a fan favorite for millions of traders worldwide.


Tradecurve vs. Coinbase – Sign-up KYC

Before joining an exchange, you will need to look over many factors, and the sign-up KYC requirement should be the first one. If an exchange requires a KYC check, trading on it may take some time, as most of them can be lengthy. When signing up on Coinbase, all traders need to go through a KYC check which may be time-consuming and tedious for some.

In comparison, Tradecurve requires no sign-up KYC meaning users can create an account using their email, link a crypto wallet to the platform, deposit a cryptocurrency, and all trading options will become available. Also, trading on Tradecurve will mean a completely anonymous process – a factor that many popular exchanges overlook.

Tradecurve vs. Coinbase – Supported Assets

The range of trading options can make or break any online trading platform, and it breaks Coinbase. Currently, Coinbase is limited to cryptocurrencies, which may not cater to many traders. Moreover, some cryptocurrencies are not available on the base Coinbase platform. Some cryptocurrencies, such as Quant (QNT) and Amp (AMP), can only be accessed on the Coinbase Pro platform.

On the other hand, Tradecurve will offer all derivatives (Forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, etc.) for trade on a single account. Tradecurve users will also be permitted to utilize cryptocurrencies as collateral. These factors place Tradecurve as the winner in terms of supported assets.

Tradecurve vs. Coinbase – Social Trading

The absence of social trading features on Coinbase is another significant shortfall for the platform. Users may miss out on valuable insights without the ability to engage with other traders. Overall, the lack of social trading on Coinbase may hinder users’ ability to take advantage of the opportunities available on the platform entirely.

Contrarily, Tradecurve will include a copy trading tool that will enable novice traders to imitate what other people are doing for a monthly charge. Users may build communities via copy trading, where members can duplicate one another’s actions and make money together.

Final verdict

Looking at all of these factors, we can see that Tradecurve will provide a much superior trading platform that will allow for anonymous trading of all derivatives using cryptocurrency as collateral and negative balance protection.

Investors are choosing to support this platform by buying its utility token, which is currently in Stage 2 of its presale and has a value of just $0.012. The token is anticipated to rise by 50x during the presale, while crypto analysts and industry professionals expect an additional 100x growth after the token gets listed on Uniswap after its launch. We believe that Tradecurve may evolve into a blue-chip token, which anyone can purchase for a low price by following the links below.


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