What Will Ethereum Be Like in 10 Years? Vitalik Buterin Explains By CoinEdition

  • Buterin said Rollups would come to maturity in 2023 thanks to EIP-4848.
  • Ethereum can be called ‘done’ by the end of the year after proof-of-stake withdrawals.
  • The Ethereum ecosystem wants to be able to support 500 million users.

Altcoin Daily, a popular crypto influencer account on Twitter, recently shared snippets of an interview with Vitalik Buterin, one of the founders of the Ethereum blockchain, regarding the outlook of the network, starting this year up to the next ten years.

According to Buterin, 2023 is the year when Rollups would come to maturity, given EIP-4848 is designed to give the Rollups more space. Notably, Rollups are layer-2 scaling solutions that compile a bunch of transactions, turn them into one single data, and submit it to the Ethereum mainnet.

Buterin added that Ethereum scaling becoming fully trustless alongside full dank sharding was the target but may take more years to attain. In the Ethereum founder’s view, the blockchain can be called ‘done’ by the end of 2023 after implementing proof-of-stake withdrawals and other basic scaling improvements.

Furthermore, Buterin noted that the team could halt further developments after the migration to proof-of-stake, implementing withdrawals, and adding enough cryptography to Ethereum. However, the ultimate goal was to ensure that the Ethereum ecosystem could support 500 million users before the bull came knocking.

In Buterin’s words:

That is the next part of the future: the transition from Ethereum as a very theoretical ecosystem still discovering itself to an ecosystem that tries to be useful, usable, and secure as those things would provide value to 500 million people.

Ultimately, the Ethereum founder stressed they would make some critical changes to the blockchain, making it more friendly to support developers building layer two scaling solutions.

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