Top Predictions for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple for the Coming Weekend

Bitcoin(BTC) Price Analysis

  • Bitcoin price had regained its spot within the symmetrical tragle after the recent surge in the first few days of 2023
  • The price however, slashed hard and is testing the lower support of the triangle being on its way approaching the edge of the consolidation
  • If the bulls manage to hold the price within the triangle, a notable flip may be expected else a drop may drag the price into a deep bearish well

Ethereum (ETH) Price Analysis

  • The Ethereum price also underwent a massive drop as it tested the upper resistance and plunged heavily by more than 4%

The price could continue surging down and test the lower support close to $1500 that could be the last point of defense as a failed attempt may drag the price around $1360

  • Meanwhile, a rebound could be triggered after testing $1500 support zone and hence a decent upswing may uplift the price again

Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis

  • The XRP price has been displaying immense strength amid the ongoing bearish market trend ans sustains above the support zone
  • The price dropped by more than 2% but has held above $0.36, indicating the possibilities of a bullish breakout very soon.
  • With a rebound, the price may quickly head towards the upper resistance back above $0.38 and later try to breakout of the symmetrical triangle.