Top 3 Altcoins warming up for the 2023 bull run: Big Eyes Coin, Cronos, And Quant

As the crypto community awaits the end of the crypto winter, the bull market seems to be picking up pace. The market growth in the last two months is a testament to this trend.

If you’re thinking of buying altcoins, consider these three top altcoins to buy – Big Eyes Coin, Cronos, and Quant. This article will discuss the top reasons to divert your thoughts to the direction of money.

Cronos – Uniting Two Vast Ecosystems

Cronos is a crucial participant in the Cosmos ecosystem and an EVM-compatible blockchain that allows for the execution of native Ethereum ecosystem smart contracts. Cronos is compatible with both Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems, and its network is powered by Ethermint to ensure compatibility and interoperability with Ethereum.

Cronos is undoubtedly among the projects with the quickest market growth. It has grown into a comprehensive ecosystem in the decentralized landscape with many initiatives of various kinds. There are 180 active blockchain initiatives at the time of writing, which includes Defra, Codex Exchange, CroPunks, etc.

Growth is synonymous with the Cronos ecosystem, and according to predictions, CRO may hit $1.07 by the end of the year.

Quant – The Next Microsoft?

Quant (QNT) is the first cryptocurrency to make an effort to address the problem of blockchain accessibility by creating the first “blockchain operating system,” known as Everledger. Overledger’s main goal is to connect other blockchains while maintaining efficiency. It also makes it possible to create MApps, or multi-chain applications, which use cross-blockchain smart contracts to function across different blockchains.

The future of Quant’s prices is bright, given that it has lately made headlines as one of the cryptocurrency projects with the fastest growth. Several pricing forecasts suggest that Quant will eventually hit new heights.

Big Eyes Coin – 5% of Total Supply for Ocean Charity

Science says life originated on earth in oceans. It also says that by 2050, there could be a lot more plastic in the sea than fish, thus ruining the most precious ecosystem known to mankind. Big Eyes Coin offers a path to preserve oceans and their life. As Steve Jobs put it, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”. And sometimes a cute cat with Big Eyes may help clean the world’s oceans.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is having a massive presale and has already crossed 31 million, signaling a huge potential for a meme coin. The presale blast is regarded as one of the biggest in crypto history post-pandemic making it one of the top altcoins to buy. There are a number of factors that make BIG stand out from the crowd.

Built on the Ethereum chain, this cat-themed coin amassed huge love from fans across the world. Well, cat memes rule the internet. So no surprise there! But beyond cute, the coin offers amazing features – BIG promises top-notch security for its investors with a unique combination of cryptographic algorithms, making it hell for hackers. Furthermore, the coin has earned a name as one of the fastest cryptocurrencies available on the market due to its high transaction speed.

Big Eyes is not only big on charity but also offers huge rewards for its pawesome community. Initially, it had launched a 200% extra for early adopters. Now the cat’s offering a million-dollar Loot box. Currently, on stage 12, early BIG investors have already made more than 390% returns.

In conclusion, these three altcoins are poised for significant growth in the 2023 bull run. Whether you’re investing for charity or financial gain, these altcoins are worth considering.

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