GOGA Partners with AAG’s Saakuru Blockchain to Propel 650K Users into the Future of Web3

With the increasing demand for decentralized technologies and blockchain-based solutions, the transition to Web3 has become imperative for businesses. Web3 offers a more decentralized and secure environment, giving users more control over their data and a higher level of privacy. This is why many businesses are partnering with crypto firms to help users navigate the complex world of Web3 and blockchain technology. Recently, GOGA, a leading Web3 play-to-learn and earn platform, announced its partnership with AAG’s Saakuru blockchain to provide a seamless transition for its 650k users into the exciting world of Web3.

GOGA Goes Web3 With Saakuru Blockchain

According to a blog post, AAG has partnered with GOGA, a distinguished Indonesian app for English language learning and communication. The objective of this partnership is to assist GOGA in transitioning from Web2 to Web3, utilizing AAG’s state-of-the-art blockchain technology, Saakuru.

GOGA’s shift to the Web3 environment is facilitated by Saakuru’s efficient token design solution, which ensures a seamless transition with no gas fees and fast processing. The OASYS foundation provided a grant to support GOGA in this endeavor.

Furthermore, GOGA plans to integrate AAG’s MetaOne wallet into its platform, enabling its users to enjoy AAG’s services, such as MetaOne Connect and MetaOne API. This move will strengthen GOGA’s Web3 infrastructure and enhance the overall user experience.

AAG To Touch New Heights With Its Blockchain Products

In honor of GOGA’s launch on the Saakuru blockchain, GOGA has decided to host an NFT giveaway. These NFTs will offer the added benefit of unlocking exclusive features on the GOGA app. An official from AAG said, “We are excited to partner with GOGA and believe this collaboration will bring significant benefits to our respective customers and stakeholders. We look forward to working closely with GOGA to support their transition to Web3 and enhance the quality of their services.”

The transition to Web3 requires a fundamental shift in the way companies operate. It involves moving away from centralized systems to decentralized ones, where data and control are distributed across the network. This requires a new set of tools, protocols, and standards that are designed to work in a decentralized environment. That’s where blockchain technology comes in. 

AAG’s Saakuru blockchain is an innovative layer-2 solution to streamline the onboarding of Web2 users to Web3. Additionally, by integrating with the Saakuru blockchain, AAG’s MetaOne wallet will benefit from enhanced security measures while also enabling other developers to significantly expand their on-chain activities. 

Despite being a new player in the blockchain industry, Saakuru has already made strides in terms of adoption. In fact, GOGA, which stands for “Good Game to learn English,” is one of the pioneering projects to be launched on the Saakuru blockchain.

GOGA, boasting 650k users, 500k paid users on their previous Eng Breaking app, and a whopping 1.8m followers across social media, is among the most sizable Web2 apps embracing blockchain technology to enhance user experience. By leveraging the Saakuru blockchain, GOGA’s team anticipates that users will spend more time on the platform than on conventional language-learning apps, leading to higher course completion rates.

In conclusion, GOGA’s partnership with AAG’s Saakuru Blockchain is a significant step forward in the transition to Web3. It’s an example of how companies can leverage blockchain to create new opportunities for innovation, efficiency, and customer engagement. By partnering with crypto firms, companies like GOGA can propel their users into the future of the internet and create a better, more secure, and more user-centric online world.