Esports Leader TSM & Blitz Partner Blockchain Facilitator Avalanche for Enhanced Web3 Gaming

TSM and its gaming app Blitz would draw on the vast blockchain technology provided by Avalanche for improved user gaming experiences. 

Leading professional esports organization Team SoloMid (TSM) and gaming platform Blitz have partnered with Avalanche on a Web3 initiative. According to reports, TSM and Blitz are leveraging Avalanche’s cutting-edge blockchain resource base to enhance the gaming industry via blockchain technology.

John Wu, President at Avalanche creator Ava Labs, touched on the pioneering blockchain platform’s ‘exclusive’ partnership with TSM and Blitz. According to Wu:

“The partnering with TSM will bring innovative gaming experiences to players around the world. Avalanche’s fully customizable subnets were created to help organizations like TSM push the boundaries of what is possible for gaming with sub-second transaction speed, scalability, and security for millions of users.”

By mainstreaming Web3’s inaugural player gaming products, Avalanche will help TSM create new experiences for players, creators, and fans. In addition, TSM and Blitz would also deploy Core to power all user payments. The professional esports leader also seeks to use Core to purchase, sell, and store digital assets.

Speaking on the collaborative development, TSM and Blitz chief executive and founder Andy Dinh stated:

“I am excited to partner with Avalanche on experiences that will add value to our users and fans. They are an authentic leader in this space, and together we share a long-term vision of building products that are authentic and beneficial to our community.”

Technical Details of TSM/Blitz Partnership with Avalanche

The partnership also sees TSM gaming app Blitz built on an Avalanche Subnet. These custom blockchains are designed to optimize speed, security, and scalability, to enhance user experience.

TSM plans to conduct Avalanche-branded tournaments on the Blitz Subnet to improve gamer skills using several resources. In addition, the projected Web3 tournaments also allow players to compete for prizes within the Blitz Arena.

The Blitz Subnet would burn a portion of $AVAX as gas fees for every gaming transaction.

The TSM-Avalanche partnership comes at a pivotal time for the blockchain gaming platform. This is because Avalanche has emerged as the leading platform for game developers and players. Furthermore, the blockchain facilitator already hosts numerous popular live games and has several more imminent anticipated titles.

TSM previously reached a $210 million naming rights deal with defunct exchange FTX. This agreement, at the time, represented the largest esports deal in history. However, following FTX’s crash last November, TSM canceled the agreement and onboarded Avalanche instead.


Established in September 2009 and based in Los Angeles, TSM comprises championship esports teams and world-class influencers. In addition, the preeminent, holistic gaming brand also offers gaming strategy platforms that improve the player’s learning curve.

As an elite esports outlet, TSM strives for maximum value and the creation of compelling and educational content. Its AI-powered coaching platform Blitz boasts a subscriber base of 30 million users.


Avalanche is an eco-friendly blockchain set up for both Web3 developers and businesses. This smart contract platform is capable of scaling infinitely and finalizing transactions in microseconds.