Demand for Relisting of Ripple (XRP) on Coinbase Grows, Constant Upgrades Keep Waves (WAVES) in Momentum, TMS Network’s (TMS) Initial Coin Offerings Make Big Stride

Patience and careful analysis of the market are the two essential requirements to survive and grow in the crypto world. Investing in the presale of projects with massive potential for growth is considered the best strategy to gain big. Hence, the presale of TMS Network (TMSN) is getting oversubscribed quickly. This article will also look into the recent market developments regarding Ripple (XRP) and Waves (WAVES).

Ripple (XRP) Relisting Campaign Intensifies

The online community has intensified its campaign demanding Coinbase to relist Ripple (XRP) on its cryptocurrency exchange. Coinbase delisted Ripple (XRP) from its exchange in 2020. It was done after the SEC filed a lawsuit against Ripple (XRP). The online crypto community started the campaign for relisting of Ripple (XRP) after Coinbase CEO batted for “economic freedom.” However, the market performance of Ripple (XRP) has not been encouraging in the last few weeks. Ripple (XRP) has fallen by 7% in the last week, and 1.24% on the monthly chart. At present,  Ripple (XRP) is trading at $0.37.

Trade Volume On Waves (WAVES) Increases

Waves (WAVES) has managed to post considerable gains in the last few weeks. It can be attributed largely to the increased trade volume on the Waves (WAVES) network due to recent upgrades. Waves (WAVES) facilitates the creation and distribution of dApps. The price of Waves (WAVES) has registered an increase in the past few weeks. Waves (WAVES) has witnessed a price appreciation of 32% in the last 30 days. However, the price of Waves (WAVES) has gone down by 15% in the last seven days. Subsequently, the current trading price of Waves (WAVES) is $2.29, which is 96.33% below its all-time high of $62.36.

TMS Network (TMS) Tops List Of Most Profitable Assets For 2023

TMS Network (TMSN) has built a first-of-its-kind business roadmap in the crypto world. Using blockchain technology, TMS Network (TMS) has been developed to make the trading of all digital assets on a single platform possible.

TMS Network’s (TMS) primary objective is to ensure transparency, accuracy, and security in all transactions on the platform. TMS Network (TMSN) has employed smart contracts on the platforms to manage all trading activities. This way, TMS Network (TMS) eliminates the need for middlemen or intermediaries to carry out transactions on the platform. This feature also allows TMS Network (TMS) to lower transaction fees and maximize the return for traders. The absence of intermediaries minimizes the possibility of manipulation or fraud on TMS Network (TMS).

TMS Network (TMS) offers a range of digital assets for online trading, such as cryptocurrencies, CFDs, stocks, and Forex, all using a single interface. Due to this vast pool of digital assets, TMS Network (TMS) can always maintain high liquidity on the platform. It enables traders to execute their transactions without any delay. Another prominent feature of  TMS Network (TMSN) is its scaling protocol. The platform can easily accommodate an increasing amount of transactions and users without compromising speed.

The platform also promotes financial literacy by providing educational resources like market analysis and trade signals. Considering these benefits of TMS Network (TMS), investors are rallying behind the platform’s market viability. TMS Network’s (TMS) presale started at $0.003, and the token is currently trading at $0.0047. Holders of TMS, the native token of the platform, will also receive incentives from the project’s commission revenue model. It is a provision through which TMS Network will distribute its fee-based revenue among TMS holders.