Compass Launches Regulated Ethereum Staking Yield Benchmark

Compass Financial Technologies, a Swiss-based index provider and market leader in index design related to cryptocurrency since 2018, is launching STYETH Index, the first BMR-regulated index measuring the annualized staking yield of the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum’s popularity has skyrocketed- it has swiftly become the most widely used cryptocurrency blockchain in the world. This considered, it’s key to note that since the merge, staking is now at the heart of Ethereum operations.

When network participants “stake” Ethereum, they deposit a quantity of ETH that in turn supports the security and operations of the blockchain. They receive “staking rewards” as compensation for successful staking participation.

Until now, financial players have been unable to tackle the ETH network’s complex proof of stake program. Compass is pioneering a new chapter in investment strategies and products linked to digital assets with the release of the first-ever regulated benchmark for Ethereum staking yield.

The Compass Staking Yield Reference Index Ethereum (“STYETH”) will grant investors access to robust and transparent reference yields that can monitor the performance of their staked assets. Moving forward, product issuers will be able to offer investors total return exposure to crypto assets by use of a reliable benchmark. It will provide valuable insight into the Ethereum blockchain on a dynamic level, reduce information asymmetry, and improve market efficiency related to staking.

The team at Compass has crafted an approach based on a profound understanding of the Ethereum blockchain. In order to leverage on the accessibility and immutability of the blockchain, input data for the index is extracted directly from it. Eliminating the need for intermediary data providers ensures clean, uncorrupted access to the data. The index perfectly recomputes the rewards determined and distributed by the network by implementing the Consensus specification defined by Ethereum code developers. Indices are computed daily and published at 4:30pm London time. They are available on Bloomberg and Refinitiv.

Edouard Mouton, co-founder and head of research at Compass Financial Technologies, shares his vision for the Compass Staking Yield Reference Index Ethereum: “This innovative, regulated and transparent index meets the needs of a fast-growing number of investors looking to participate in ETH staking. We are proud that the team is leading such a fundamental development in the cryptocurrency universe. We aim for our index to become the cornerstone of all projects linked to Ethereum staking.”

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