Coinbase Users Face Errors on Website and Mobile– Problem Solved

One of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase, is investigating elevated error rates across its app and website. Customers may face difficulties trading or selecting certain assets for withdrawals during this time. However, they have been assured that their funds are safe and that the company is working to fix the problem.

Coinbase Resolved the Issue

In another Tweet, Coinbase (COIN) said their efforts to improve the situation are working. However, still, some customers might face difficulties and see error screens. 

At around 5:47 p.m. ET, Coinbase fired another Tweet alerting consumers that the problem had been resolved and that they should no longer face any troubles regarding degraded performance while trading on Coinbase(dot)com.

The issue came to light just a few days before Coinbase said their users were facing recurring issues while logging into their accounts.

What Effect Did this Have on Coinbase (COIN) Share Prices? 

When writing, COIN was trading at $67.78 with a gain of 5.13%; previous close and open were at $64.47 and $64.40, respectively. Market Cap remains strong at $17.752 billion; at the same time, the volume was 15.45 million shares, and the average volume was 20.43 million. Analysts have targeted the price at around $69.38, with an upside of 2.4%. 

Source: COIN; MarketBeat

Short interest seems bearish, with 22.65% float sold short and a 2.17 rating for HOLD. As per December 2022 data, the revenue of $604.95 million dropped by 75.78%. Operating expenses increased by 4.34% to $1.08 billion, and the operating margin dropped by 65.21%. Net income dropped by a whopping 166.29% to negative $557.0 million, and the net profit margin dramatically dropped by 373.69% to negative $92.07. 

Earnings per share (EPS) was negative $2.66 after a massive correction of 179.39%. Profit margin shrunk by 83.55%, and Return on assets suffered by 2.31%. In comparison, the return on equity was corrected by 44.35%. The revenue per share was $14.17, and the quarterly revenue growth dropped by 75.08%. 

Coinbase (COIN) – What Does the Chart Say

A short-term trendline indicates a slow but upward trend; the moving average is also going up, gradually, again indicating a positive movement ahead. But as both these indications are not clear or definite, nothing can be said for sure. 

Source: COIN; TradingView

Support 1 acts is strong; a movement that could push the price below it is a rare possibility. The $73.51 mark can act as immediate resistance, and the price could consolidate between S1 and the point. However, if it crosses that mark, it could move to R1 and cross R2. 


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