The Market Resurges! ATOM, Litecoin and Big Eyes Coin Lead the Crypto Cavalry!

The week has got off to a cracking start. The kind of description that has been unheard of lately in the cryptocurrency market. The global financial market has been anything but fruitful of late, but analysts are starting to turn from bearish to bullish, with many saying that now is the perfect time to start accumulating the right crypto.

Why do we suggest the Cosmos Hub, Litecoin and Big Eyes Coin? Well all have large macro announcements and project updates coming up, leading them all to outperform the rest of the market.

ATOM is reaching for the Cosmos (Hub)

Building in the bear. This is a phrase that is thrown around a lot but something that is not actually often acted upon from projects. The chief developer behind the Cosmos Hub – Ethan Buchman – delivered an inspirational speech at the Cosmoverse 2022, delineating ATOM 2.0. Most crucially, this update gives a far greater amount of real value to the ATOM token through liquid staking and interchain security updates.

These updates will allow all Layer 1 networks and dApps running on the Cosmos SDK to use the ATOM token to verify on chain transactions. This means that ‘allows the Cosmos Hub to run many blockchains in parallel, all with the same security attributes’. Ultimately, ATOM will be staked on many different chains, increasing the number of ATOM locked up.

With a constrained token supply in the future, the bear market strength of ATOM is likely to be reflected in the coming bear market.

Litecoin trading volume is steadily increasing!

Much like the OG-founder of crypto, Bitcoin, Litecoin is scheduled to have a halving event in the second half of 2023. Put simply, this means that the reward for mining one block of the blockchain is halved, cutting the fresh supply of LTC tokens in half.

Litecoin originated as a fork of Bitcoin’s source code, however some core differences were input into the source code of Litecoin. Primarily, there are a larger (but still finite) number of Litecoins, the max supply coming in at 84,000,000.

Litecoin’s hype is primarily focusing on this halving event but inspecting further into the project shows there is far more than meets the eye. Litecoin is by far the most adopted cryptocurrency payment method on Bitpay, even more than Bitcoin.

This underlines the strength that Litecoin possesses against the rest of the market. Users clearly have faith in the blockchain despite its Proof-of-Work algorithm consensus.

The rise in the real use case of Litecoin over the past 2 years.

The above graphic emphasises the rise in the real use case of Litecoin over the past 2 years. This serves as evidence, despite the devastating consequences of the bear market, that crypto adoption continues to rise in the face of declining token prices.

Big Eyes Coin eyeing up a HUGE exchange launch!

The Big Eyes presale has been running rampant in this bear market. Raising over $13 million since the Summer of 2022, BIG is the meme coin to look out for in 2023. Looking to launch officially in bullish conditions, the exact date of launch is as of yet undetermined.

Rumour on the grapevine, and it is strictly a rumour at this point in time, is that Big Eyes has secured a Binance launch in the future. The project has been eyeing up a large-scale announcement of their chosen exchange and this could be because it is the Gandalf the White of Centralised Exchanges – Binance.

Loading up $13 million already, the future market capitalisation of BIG is extremely hard to predict. Clearly it has a large and committed community despite only being in its presale. The future price of the BIG token could really explode to the upside once it is available for trading.




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