Beosin partners with Web3MQ to revolutionize blockchain Latest Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News

Beosin has announced its strategic partnership with Web3MQ on Twitter. Calling it a significant step, Beosin says that the objective of the partnership is to revolutionize the blockchain landscape.

This is the second strategic partnership for Beosin in the last 1 week. The previous partnership was announced on December 29, 2022, with Lemonchain with an aim to accelerate the development of risk management for digital assets. Another aim of the partnership was to enhance the security of the entire blockchain sphere.

Beosin enters into strategic partnerships majorly for the benefit of the blockchain ecosystem. The aim has always been to tighten the security norms and protect the community from any harmful attack that goes on to steal their funds.

Attempts of the blockchain security service provider can be measured by the fact that it has audited over 2426 smart contracts. It protects assets worth $520 billion in the crypto ecosystem with nearly 1,000,575 users.

Beosin was co-founded by several professors. It has offices spread across more than 10 countries, including, but not limited to, Korea, Singapore, and Japan. Services provided by Beosin are as follows:

  • Risk Monitoring & Alert
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Recovery of stolen cryptocurrency

Smart contracts audited include some of the famous Web3 projects like Uniswap, PancakeSwap, and OKSwap.

Web3MQ is specifically designed for users venturing out into the Web3 ecosystem. It is a decentralized messaging protocol built to connect the Web3 metaverse. One can define Web3MQ as a borderless and encrypted protocol that is actively being tested by the developers. It delivers real-time notifications through Push to ensure that all the important pieces of information reach real users.

The platform is compatible with a wide range of social identities and graph protocols to unlock the true potential of all social relationships in dynamic communication. Users from different chains and platforms can communicate. All they need is an ID chat to connect, making Web3MQ a cross-platform and cross-chain platform.

The storage is distributed in a manner to make sure that no third party gains access to the data of its users. The ownership ultimately remains with the users with no outside access to their chat messages. In addition to Push, Web3MQ also has Chat and Community features that can be utilized by the users to their advantage. Users can customize the configurations to achieve higher privacy protection and personalized features.

Moving forward, the roadmap drawn includes the introduction of existing Web3 ecology, like Web3 storage and computing, to complement the messaging ecology.

Similar to Beosin, Web3MQ is also looking up to several collaborations like the one it recently announced with OpenMeta to give away farming rewards. The event is live from January 03, 2023, to January 07, 2023.

Beosin and Web3MQ are a perfect match for each other. The aim of both partners is to take the crypto sphere ahead from its present point. It has been received warmly by the community and looks like it could do some real wonders.