E! Entertainment founder and Batman producer among keynote speakers at Philippine Blockchain Week

Blockchain takes center stage this Nov. 28 to Dec. 4 with the biggest names in the technology scheduled to speak at the first Philippine Blockchain Week (PBW) in Manila. Larry Namer, co-founder of E! Entertainment, and David Uslan, Batman producer and co-founder of IP3, are among the elite roster of Web3 speakers that will be sharing insights at the Marriott Grand Ballroom at the Newport World Resorts Manila.

He said:

“We are looking forward to the insights and knowledge that we can learn from these Web3 experts. The Philippines is predominantly Web2. Outside of the country, they are already on Web3. This is a great opportunity to learn as we transition to blockchain technology.”

PBW seeks to highlight the advantages of the technology and its inclusivity among Filipinos and, at the same time, highlight the Philippines as the blockchain capital in Asia.

Other speakers of the nine-day event include:

  • Sergej Kunz — founder of 1inch
  • Ian Utile — co-founder and co-producer of NFT NYC
  • Justin Sun — founder of Tron Dao
  • Erik Lapaglia — co-founder of Miami NFT Week
  • Chris Nook — CEO of The Web Show
  • Dipayan Dutta — Zeneca, founder of ZEN Academy
  • Jason Brink — founder of Gala Games
  • Sandra H. — chief commercial officer and co-founder of Metapolis
  • Anthony Francisco — executive creative director of Dolphin Entertainment
  • Aalia Lanius — president of Unsugarcoated Media
  • Vilma Matilla — founder of Sire
  • Lito Villanueva — RCBC executive vice president and chair of the FinTech Alliance
  • Ida Tiongson — chairperson of PruLife U.K. and a trustee of FinTech Alliance
  • Wei Zhou — CEO of Coins.PH
  • Tryke Gutierrez — CEO and co-founder of Tier One Entertainment
  • Jeff Hunter — co-founder of Food Fighters Universe
  • Henry Aguda — senior EVP of Union Bank
  • Daniel Robins — CEO of IBH Media
  • Kate Hancock — CEO of Metaverse XYZ
  • Oscar Tan-Abing, Jr. — CEO of Anotoys Collective
  • Jay Ha — co-founder of IP3

The conferences will be hosted by Sonya Mulkeet, co-founder of Project Nightfall Organization, and Belik Yonatan, content creator of It’s Me Dad.

Lim said:

“The Philippines has the promise of becoming the blockchain capital of Asia. To achieve this, we need to learn more about the technology and see it at work. This is the objective of PBW. We want more Filipinos to educate themselves about blockchain and experience how it can improve their lives.”

Apart from the talks, PBW will also hold gaming expos and an NFT exhibit. The first Philippine Block Awards will take place to honor the men and women behind the country’s blockchain ecosystem.






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