This Robot choses Ethereum and 5 altcoins for massive short gains

  • Traders say they would favor Bitcoin and four altcoins in their portfolios for the week.
  • According to a survey, ETH, QNT, USDC, Binance, and Bitcoin were voted to be overweight this week.

Popular for outperforming the markets, The Real Vision Bot has unveiled its latest weekly crypto portfolio allocations. The robot provides new algorithm portfolio assessments weekly from its interpretation of surveys of crypto-related metrics and market trends. Cryptocurrency-related metrics can be calculated using a wide range of tools, including market capitalizations and 24-hour trading volume. Others are funding rates, circulating supply, maximum supply market price, inflow, and so on. 

The Real Vision Bot began as a research project that uses AI advancements to analyze the opinions of financial investment professionals. Also, the Bot conducts constant and intense analysis using its AI skills to provide great insights into the current market condition to its audience. Basically, the data-crunching Bot conducts two surveys on a weekly basis. They are “The Real Vision Exchange Macro Survey” and “The Real Vision Exchange Crypto Survey”. These surveys are the basis of the two portfolios reconstructed by Bot: Exchange Macro Portfolio and Hive Mind Crypto Portfolio. 

Furthermore, the Real Vision Bot compares the data from the generated portfolios with its own portfolios, which are extracted from interviews, market trends, metrics of various different tokens, and surveys. Thereafter, it releases a current allocation and performance of both portfolios.

The Real Vision Bot Highlights Bitcoin and 4 Altcoins as “Voted to Overweight”

In a recent survey report, the automated Bot, which is reputedly known for outdoing BTC, has chosen notable altcoins ahead of the world’s first crypto coin. The world’s largest cryptocurrency by market cap, BTC occupies the fifth position on traders’ preference scale this week. 

According to the release, the Bot has selected Ethereum coin (ETH), interoperable blockchain platform Quant (QNT), Circle-backed stablecoin USD coin (USDC), and crypto exchange Binance’s BNB ahead of BTC. Other altcoins listed are eco-friendly payments-focused Algorand (ALGO) and blockchain ecosystem Cosmos (ATOM). 

Below is the hierarchical list of the top 5 coins and their respective percentage. The analysis result was released on the Bot’s official Twitter handle:

  1. Ethereum 58%
  2. QNT 33%
  3. USDC 26%
  4. Binance 22%
  5. Bitcoin 20%

Major altcoins, including Algorand, Polygon, Cosmos, Solana, and XRP, plied behind BTC on the list. Every week, survey participants underweight/overweight tokens from a selected list of potential candidates. These participants can vote to remove or add new tokens to the list. Sometimes, the decision is left to the Bot. 

The Bot has proven to be a functional financial oracle with its timely and accurate predictions. It was co-developed by Quant analyst and hedge fund CEO Moritz Seibert and statistician Moritz Heiden. The founder of Real Vision, Raoul Pal, has described the Bot’s historical performance as “astonishing”, mentioning that it outperforms an aggregated bucket of top 20 crypto assets on the market by more than 20 percent.