The teachers who instill a love of music and its ripple effect | News

We have covered some, not all, of the people who have had a huge influence on generations of children who have grown up playing piano and guitar, and other instruments due in large to the teachers who gave endlessly of their time and talents to insure that others would carry on their legacy. That legacy has caused a ‘ripple effect’ from this little county in North Alabama to as far away as California, New York and Florida. Here are a few more. My apologies to those we couldn’t get hold of, or didn’t have time and space this year to devote to you, there’s always next year! 

Sometimes there are people who pass through our lives like the proverbial ships in the night; others are more complex in their relationships to those they interact with. Some are in our hearts and minds forever, as friends, teachers and mentors. Here is the story of one such mentor/friend whose former students chimed in on this series to pay their respects and gratitude to a teacher who they all agree, was more than a teacher, she’s become like family.