Blockchain Game Guild YGG Japan Agrees with KryptoGO and IVC to Develop and Offer Wallets Specializing in Web3 Games

TAIPEI, Sept. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Blockchain game guild “YGG Japan”, which has an exclusive partnership with ForN Co., Ltd. (ForN, Minato-ku, Tokyo,CEO Tetsuya Fujiwara), announced today that KryptoGO Co., Ltd (KryptoGO) and Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC) to jointly develop a wallet dedicated to GameFi users.

Users wishing to enjoy blockchain games today have to download, install, and configure browser extensions and mobile wallets (Non-Custodial wallets) on their smartphones to prepare tokens and coins to be used in games. Many of these existing wallets are generic products designed for use with DeFi and Decentralized Exchange (DEX), and there are no wallets specific to blockchain games and for blockchain game users. The barriers to getting started with blockchain gaming are high, therefore, BCG are not accessible to everyone.

YGGJ, which aims to create a world where games are part of everyday life through “Play and Earn”, believes that in order for more users to experience the fun of blockchain games, it is imperative to lower the barriers to starting a game as much as and as easy as possible. Under this mission, it is quite logical conclusion to form a join venture among YGGJ, a regional subDAO of the world’s largest blockchain game guild YGG, KryptoGO, a multi-chain, non-custodial wallet developer, and IVC investing pioneering startups in GameFi, DeFi and Web3, to address this challenge and bring the BCG to the next level.

Comment from Tetsuya Fujiwara, YGG Japan

Currently, only highly literate users are accessible to and enjoy blockchain games and web3 world in Japan. YGG Japan’s mission is to spread blockchain games and the new era of gaming culture, and to bring this new experience to as many users as possible. We are looking forward to collaborating with KryptoGO and IVC who share our philosophy, and we are very happy to have partners who can accomplish this mission together.

Comment from Kordan Ou, CEO of KryptoGO Co., Ltd.

In the collaboration with YGGJ and IVC, KryptoGO’s role is to optimize the experience of managing on-chain game assets. In GameFi, many game producers are inclined to develop their own blockchain, which raises the bar for gamers entering the space. KryptoGO and their propriety wallet and account model solves this by placing great emphases on “asset management for multiple chains” and “usability and user-friendliness.” Users can manage all their virtual assets with just a phone number, making the transition from Web2 to Web3 gaming much easier. Regardless of which blockchain a game runs on, all game assets with be accessible and highly secure in KryptoGO Wallet, making it the best choice as a cross-game inventory! 

Comment from Akio Tanaka, Infinity Ventures Crypto

Through our experience in launching and investing in social games in the Japanese market, we see great potential for the explosion of blockchain games in Japan, and we are very pleased to participate with KryptoGO in the development and delivery of the wallet, an important first step in YGGJ’s mission to bring a new era of gaming culture and user experience to Japan.

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