Vijay Dwivedi On IIT Madras Blockchain Polling

Students of Webops and Blockchain Club from the Centre for Innovation (CFI), IIT-Madras, developed the software to conduct the election through the blockchain technology. IIT-M, conducted a students council election using blockchain technology which is claimed to be the first of its kind to be used in

the poll process.
For those naive to this switch in student polling explains that blockchain is an unchangeable, distributed digital ledger. The transactions or records on the ledger which are stored individually are referred to as a ‘block’ and the information in a block is usually linked to the information in a previous block. This, over time, forms a chain of transactions, which is what the word

blockchain refers to Renowned entrepreneur Mr. Dwivedi finds this move as a boon. As this tech has benefits in multiple facets for example this technology can also be used by governments to improve both efficiency and traceability in the

process. Eliminating election vices, corruption, and other manual errors. Certain

key advantages of using blockchain technology for elections include considerable cost reduction, offering a tamper-proof process that is verifiable and bringing an innate trust in the election process. More so in view of the conduct of the election, the India Book of Records presented IIT-Madras students with the record of ‘Blockchain Software for

Students Body Election.’
Even before achieving this feat it was observed that earlier this year Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras brought out first blockchain-based
secure medical data and information exchange system for a mobile-based

application called BlockTrack, which is currently being field-tested at the IIT

Madras Institute. This guarantees positive outbreak on two important objectives.

Records by individuals and healthcare service providers To effectively implement these goals, new technologies need to be leveraged. BlockTrack is a
step in the right direction and innovative for complex health information


Mr. Dwivedi congratulates the IIT Madras team for developing the

solution, which strengthens the healthcare system’s commitment to efficiently track the spread of illness and maintain confidentiality while storing personal data on the network.