Brazil And Mexico, The Countries Most In Demand For Crypto And Blockchain Talent

business social network linkedin and cryptocurrency exchange platforms Ok Worked together and analyzed the 10 countries where talent is most in demand blockchain,

The ranking is completed by the United States, China, France, India, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and Canada.

According to the report, how the annual rate of publication of vacancies in the crypto and blockchain sector grows in each:

Both companies highlighted Relationship among countries Who appear in the list of most in-demand talents Growth From Adoption of cryptocurrency In them.

“LinkedIn Talent Insights shows that these countries maintain growth in demand for talent based on the number of jobs in the first half of 2022,” the report said.

According to LinkedIn and OKEx reports, Brazil and Mexico are among the countries most in need of this sector.

The most requested profile in the world of bitcoin block exploration is financial talent, representing 19%.

Other items such as engineering (16%), business development (6%), information technology (6%) and sales are also required.

“Among the top five global blockchain talent, the most popular occupations are crypto traders, software engineers, analysts, support analysts, and account managers,” the report said.

Data of jobs received in blockchain

  • In the US it grew 62% in the last year
  • India recorded the most pronounced growth with a growth of 122%
  • China is the country with the lowest growth, as it has only grown by 12%
  • The countries with the highest growth rates after India are Canada (106%), Singapore (92%) and Nigeria (81%).

The financial sector is the one that employs the most experts in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, 19% of the workforce.

Why would Latin American countries benefit from blockchain?

rodrigo benzaquenCo-founder and CTO of SenseiNode, explains iform what “Latin America has one fat chance in the blockchain revolution on a global scale”.

“Today, there are few nodes in this area and this leads to overcrowding of transactions. How many? More nodes, more decentralized, secure and faster The network will be there,” he insisted.

Nodes are the connection points of the bitcoin blockchain. and host a copy All their data, which allows them to validate transactions, verify information and cooperate with the robustness of the system.

A Secret Challenge to All Latin American Countries

A Secret Challenge to All Latin American Countries

thus Fintechs, Exchanges, Banks, Finance Companies, Entrepreneurs, Wallets and Crypto Investors a . can use the services of Blockchain Estate,

New companies providing services on the platform will also arise, especially considering that four of the top-20 countries are from Latin America, according to the latest Chainalysis Crypto Adoption Index:

  • Venezuela (7th)
  • Argentina (10th)
  • Colombia (11th)
  • Brazil (14th)

Furthermore, according to the report, the subcontinent represents approximately 9% of all global transaction activity,