10 Best New Cryptos on Coinbase to be Announced in 2022

This article reviews the top 10 new cryptos on Coinbase for 2022, highlighting what they are and why they have attracted so much attention, before showing you how to invest in a high-potential project today.

The Top 10 New Cryptos on Coinbase to Buy in July 2022

Listed below are ten new Coinbase cryptos with huge potential – all of which will be discussed in the following section:

  1. Lucky Block (LBLOCK)Overall Best New Crypto on Coinbase to Buy
  2. Gala (GALA) –Innovative Blockchain-Gaming Token
  3. ApeCoin (APE) –Top ‘Meme Coin’ Listed on Coinbase
  4. Gods Unchained (GODS) –New Free-to-Play Blockchain-Based Card Game
  5. Green Satoshi Token (GST) –Innovative Utility Token with Real-World Use Case
  6. KnoxFS (KFX) –User-Friendly Decentralized Data Storage Protocol
  7. Gemini Dollar (GUSD) –Highly Secure USD-Backed Stablecoin
  8. Boba Network (BOBA) –Layer-2 Scaling Solution for Ethereum
  9. Chain (XCN) –Governance Token for Useful dApp Development Protocol
  10. MetisDAO (METIS) –Popular Scaling Solution with DAO Structure

A Closer Look at the Best New Listings on Coinbase

Let’s explore each of the cryptos listed above in more detail, covering important elements like use cases, roadmaps, and price potential:

1. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – Overall Best New Crypto on Coinbase to Buy

Lucky Block stands out from the crowd when it comes to the best new cryptos on Coinbase. This project entered the mainstream in early 2022, thanks to its revolutionary use case within the scope of the crypto-gaming niche. After some consolidation in recent months, Lucky Blocks looks set for a rebound following the upcoming launch of ‘LBLOCK v2’.

LBLOCK v2 is a brand new token that uses the ERC-20 standard rather than the BEP-20 standard employed by Lucky Block’s initial token. By being structured as an ERC-20 token, LBLOCK v2 can now be listed on numerous centralized exchanges (CEXs), significantly increasing the token’s accessibility to retail traders.

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Lucky Block stands out from the crowd when it comes to the best new cryptos on Coinbase.

In addition, since LBLOCK v2 doesn’t feature a sales tax, this means CEXs can now list it as a tradable asset. Notably, LBLOCK isn’t yet available on Coinbase; however, this token tops our list since the recent restructuring paves the way for a listing soon.

LBLOCK v2 has already been picked up by several leading exchanges, with LBank opting to list the token from July 25th onwards. MEXC has followed suit, with this popular CEX adding LBLOCK v2 on August 1st. The momentum doesn’t stop there, as 5-6 more CEXs have expressed interest in listing the token in the coming months.

LBLOCK v2 has already been picked up by several leading exchanges, with LBank opting to list the token from July 25th onwards.

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LBLOCK v2 has already been picked up by several leading exchanges, with LBank opting to list the token from July 25th onwards.

Overall, this new element of the Lucky Block ecosystem will appeal to a broad demographic of traders – especially day traders, who can now actively trade the token without accruing a sales tax. Prospective investors can learn more about LBLOCK v2 (and the ecosystem as a whole) by joining the Discord server or becoming a Telegram group member.


2. Gala (GALA) – Innovative Blockchain-Gaming Token

Gala is the native token of the Gala Games project – a blockchain gaming ecosystem that offers various games across the Gala Network. These games integrate GALA to make transactions and use the token for rewards distribution. NFTs also play a massive role in the Gala Network, providing true ownership of in-game assets.

Players can earn daily GALA rewards by operating a ‘node’ which helps boost the security of the broader network – much like staking. GALA can also be generated through the project’s referral process, which is helpful as tokens can be used to purchase in-game items. GALA now trades around the $0.04 level – although investors will be hoping for a rebound soon.

3. ApeCoin (APE) – Top ‘Meme Coin’ Listed on Coinbase

ApeCoin is another token listed on Coinbase in 2022 that has already garnered significant attention from investors. Much of this attention is due to the token’s close ties to the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT collection, which has attracted numerous high-profile names such as Eminem and Snoop Dogg. Although APE isn’t directly offered by the collection’s team, it does share an inextricable link.

This link was strengthened recently after the announcement that APE would be the native token of BAYC’s metaverse project, ‘the Otherside’. APE has also been integrated into other blockchain-based games, and due to its structure as DAO, there are more potential use cases on the horizon. Although the token’s price has dipped recently, this project still has great potential due to its community backing.

4. Gods Unchained (GODS) – New Free-to-Play Blockchain-Based Card Game

Gods Unchained is one of the latest entries into the blockchain-gaming space, offering a free-to-play option for those interested in trading card games. Similar to Pokemon or Yu-gi-oh, Gods Unchained allows users to collect cards and create powerful decks to battle opponents and earn rewards.

The exciting thing is that each card is structured as an NFT, offering true ownership to Gods Unchained’s players. This also means that each card’s stats cannot be tampered with or downgraded, reducing (or removing) the potential for users to cheat. GODS is the native token of the Gods Unchained game, although investors can also trade it on Coinbase for speculative purposes.

5. Green Satoshi Token (GST) – Innovative Utility Token with Real-World Use Case

Green Satoshi Token (GST) is the native token of the STEPN ecosystem – an app that rewards users for exercising. This ‘Move-to-Earn’ app also has a built-in NFT marketplace, where users can mint NFT sneakers and even rent them out to others – earning a share of their GST rewards.

There are two forms of GST – one based on Solana and one based on the Binance Smart Chain. GST has a built-in burn mechanism designed to reduce the supply over time and help prop up the price. Although GST is primarily earmarked for STEPN users, speculative investors can purchase tokens through Coinbase to gain exposure to the app’s growth.

6. KnoxFS (KFX) – User-Friendly Decentralized Data Storage Protocol

KnoxFS described itself as a Bitcoin-based cryptocurrency operating within the data management niche. The main aim of KnoxFS is to provide decentralized data storage to companies worldwide – even those not currently integrated within the crypto market.

KFX is the native token of the KnoxFS ecosystem, used for paying fees and staking. KnoxFS also allows users with powerful systems to run ‘master nodes’ to earn even more passive income. Given the need for decentralized data storage, KnoxFS looks likely to attract attention from various quarters of the market.

7. Gemini Dollar (GUSD) – Highly Secure USD-Backed Stablecoin

As the name implies, Gemini Dollar is a token native to the Gemini exchange – one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Created by the Winklevoss Twins, this exchange offers more than 100 cryptos to trade, including GUSD – the exchange’s own stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar.

Gemini states that GUSD is the world’s first regulated stablecoin since the company is policed by the New York State Department of Financial Services. Furthermore, GUSD is physically backed by dollar reserves, setting it apart from algorithmic stablecoins.

8. Boba Network (BOBA) – Layer-2 Scaling Solution for Ethereum

Boba Network is a ‘Layer-2’ scaling solution for Ethereum, aiming to reduce GAS fees and improve transaction speeds. Using a smart contract-based mechanism, Boba Network can take transactions from the Ethereum chain, bundle them into one, and then send them back – reducing network congestion.

Due to the benefits of this protocol, many dApp developers are looking to integrate with the Boba Network since GAS fees remain incredibly high in many cases. Investors can purchase BOBA tokens and stake them to earn rewards – or hold them to gain exposure to the network’s growth.

9. Chain (XCN) – Governance Token for Useful dApp Development Protocol

Chain is the governance token of the Chain Protocol – a project that provides blockchain infrastructure that allows dApp developers to create their own networks on the blockchain easily. Chain Protocol primarily targets those looking to launch financial systems since the team have extensive experience within the venture capital space.

XCN is used to vote on changes to Chain Protocol’s offering, although it is also used to pay network fees. Those who buy and hold XCN long-term will also gain exclusive discounts and advanced features that aren’t available to others.

10. MetisDAO (METIS) – Popular Scaling Solution with DAO Structure

Concluding our list of new Coinbase tokens is MetisDAO. MetisDAO is native to the Metis ecosystem, a Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum – much like Boba Network.

Metis also looks to help Ethereum seamless transition from a Web2 to a Web3 infrastructure whilst expanding the capabilities that DAOs possess. Since METIS is key to paying transaction fees and as an incentive for network participation, the token’s value will likely continue growing as the network expands.

How to Buy Lucky Block

Before concluding this article, let’s briefly discuss the process of investing in a new Coinbase crypto. As noted earlier, Lucky Block is our number one pick in the market right now, thanks to the long-awaited release of LBLOCK v2.

Although the token hasn’t been officially listed on Coinbase yet, its new ERC-20 structure paves the way for a listing soon. However, investors looking to acquire LBLOCK can also do so through LBank, as the token will be available from July 25th onwards.

With that in mind, the steps below highlight how to buy Lucky Block on LBank in a matter of minutes:

  • Step 1 – Set Up an LBank Account: Head over to LBank’s homepage, click ‘Register’, enter a valid email address, and choose a passoword.
  • Step 2 – Complete Verification: Start the verification process by clicking ‘Authentication’ on LBank’s dashboard and providing the personal information needed for the KYC checks. Following this, upload proof of ID (e.g. passport), which LBank will verify.
  • Step 3 – Fund Account: Go to the ‘Wallets’ section of LBank’s dashboard and opt to ‘Deposit’. Choose which crypto you’d like to fund your account with, copy the address that pops up, and then use this address to send the funds from your own crypto wallet.
  • Step 4 –Buy LBLOCK: Type ‘LBLOCK’ into the search bar and click on the token when it appears. In the order box, select your order type, choose your investment size, and confirm the trade.

Best New Cryptos on Coinbase – Conclusion

Coinbase remains a go-to trading platform for thousands of crypto investors daily – meaning new coins can benefit from significant attention immediately. This article presents a selection of these new coins, highlighting which have the highest potential in the future.

Lucky Block is leading the pack in this regard, the revolutionary gaming platform that took the market by storm earlier in the year. Due to the recent release of LBLOCK v2, Lucky Block’s ERC-20 token, traders can now invest in Lucky Block much more easily – whilst also benefiting from the liquidity (and attention) that upcoming CEX listings bring.


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