“Going forward we anticipate forging strategic alliances with many companies that comprise the excess inventory industry domestically and internationally. , ”

— Co-Founder Gabe Joseph

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, US, June 27, 2022 / — Washington, DC—June 26, 2022— CoptoCoin, LLC™ ( is a first in market disruptive technology company that allows consumers to utilize its blockchain recorded consumer value token (CVT)™ to purchase excess and retiring inventory from merchants and retailers that are looking for expedient avenues to move merchandise. National retailer Agri-Supply, CEO, Barry Partlo shared “Agri-Supply is excited to be teaming with CoptoCoin to provide some of our unique inventory for purchase by CoptoCoin Members. We will be valuing each CoptoCoin Consumer Value Token at a minimum of $0.01 but depending on the product and the interest in it, the value of each Consumer Value Token may increase as well. This is a great way for Agri-Supply to provide our inventory to a new group of customers that we have not yet reached, as well as reward our current customers with a new channel to buy and use our products.”

According to Moody’s Investor Service, Sr. Credit Officer Mickey Chadhe, “being stuck with a lot of inventory is not ideal for retailers.” As many chain, big-box and mom and pop retailers are transitioning from just in time to just in case inventory, the need for 21st century solutions to assist these retailers with new customer acquisition is at an all-time high.

Currently, CoptoCoin™ is allowing consumers to sign up at its online site and pre-order tokens. Consumers that sign-up to utilize the CoptoCoin™ token will receive 1,000 free tokens assigned to their CoptoCoin™ wallet and will be able to get 100 additional CoptoCoin for each referral they make when the CoptoCoin program goes live. Each person that creates a CoptoCoin Wallet will be providing an Opt-In to have incentivized advertising messages (additional CoptoCoin) sent to them via various digital media methods. In anticipation of what is likely to be a robust retail marketplace looking to off-load a variety of products and merchandise, CoptoCoin expects its retail partnership base to increase quickly. Tokens will be usable immediately at all merchants approved to accept CoptoCoin™ tokens.

CoptoCoin™ sales and acquisition team has been aggressively moving to sign up retailers such as Target, The Home Depot, and Best Buy, that are eager to relieve themselves of excess goods while rewarding consumers with discounts at a time when inflation is negatively impacting consumer confidence.

CoptoCoin™ Co-Founder Gabe Joseph added “going forward we anticipate forging strategic alliances with many companies that comprise the excess inventory industry domestically and internationally, providing those that hold CoptoCoin opportunities to obtain products, goods and services that would not be possible otherwise in the current economic environment. CoptoCoin will connect our wallet holders with retailers using the most valuable currency in sales and marketing today, the written customer Opt-In for digital communication.” CoptoCoin™ is slated to officially launch its Consumer Value Token (CVT) in August 2022.

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