Bitcoin Below $40K Before Regaining Ground; Altcoins Fall

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“And if you do it right and for long enough, like Ethereum or Binance, you might become too deep-rooted to dispose of. In the current regulatory environment, it is the best chance for blockchain companies to succeed. We did it differently. We tried to do it “right.” And therefore, now, we have to close.” (Entrepreneur Zoe Adamovicz writing for CoinDesk on closing her most recent venture, Neufund) … “There is a white-knuckle fear on the Street around tech stocks. Tech stocks have been on a bull run, and now Fed worries and the spiking 10-year yield are crashing the tech party with investors hitting the sell button and heading for the elevators in unison.” (Wedbush Securities Managing Director of Equity Research Dan Ives in the The New York Times)…”In reality, DAOs are likely to suffer from some of the same principal-agent problems that exist in the traditional world. In theory, customers can buy stock in a company and participate in the benefits that come from making use of their data as well. They can also vote out the management team. In practice, this rarely happens.” (EY Global Blockchain Leader and CoinDesk columnist Paul Brody)