Bitcoin cash $5.33 Litecoin $1.99 Algorand $1.14. Cryptocurrencies Price Prediction – American Wrap

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Bitcoin Cash has been lagging behind Bitcoin (BTC) by significant proportions. The original coin was priced near $54500 at pixel time, and Bitcoin Cash was priced at $537. However, this is not stopping traders from trading Bitcoin Cash, as it is priced lower and offers a higher possible percentage return. Such as event might unfold over the next few days.

Litecoin price breakout puts the February high in the sight lines

Litecoin price suffered a notable correction in late February, taking it down almost 38% from the peak at $247 over the course of 8 trading days. Current price action indicates that the corrective process is complete and more gains can be expected.

Algorand price is sealed between two critical levels awaiting potential 24% move

Algorand price has been trading below a critical resistance level and formed an ascending triangle pattern on the 12-hour chart.